L-90-E (115V)
Triple Fan Overhead Ionizer with Adjustable Front Louver for "Wide / Straight" Coverage, w/ 115V Power Supply

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Key Features:

  • Piezoelectric high-frequency AC-type corona discharge
  • Accurate ion balance (within ± 10V)
  • Quick decay time (within 1.5 seconds)
  • Versatile - each fan louver is adjustable for a "wide" or "straight" airflow pattern
  • Unique capacitive-coupled electrode needle for stable long-lasting static erasing
  • Low noise emission helps prevent any effects on other electronic devices
  • Compact and lightweight for easy Installation
  • Adjustable Fan Speed
  • High-voltage and fan-lock LED alarms
  • Safe 24VDC low voltage circuit
  • One-touch removal of front louvers provides easy maintenance

This overhead ionizer is equipped with three 4.7” (120mm) square high-power DC fans which are adjustable to accommodate a straight or wide-angle airflow pattern to efficiently deliver ionized air to the target area. Also, its safety mechanism automatically stops the fan and ion generation when the louver is taken off. Due to its easy maintenance design, it’s easy to replace spare parts such as #L-90-F air filter, #L-90CH front cover and electrode needle unit, or power supply adapter.

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l_90fsL-90FSFilter Set
l_90chL-90CHFront Cover with Electrode Needle Unit
ad24_it37AD24-IT37115v Power Supply (DC24V, 3.75A)