700 Series
Super Cushion Gel-Grip Screwdrivers

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700 Series Gel Grip Screwdrivers

The 700 Series super-cushion (gel-grip) screwdriver features an innovative gel-filled handle that provides elasticity when gripped for maximum comfort.

Its unique layered cross-sectional structure is designed to provide excellent torque transmission; especially in applications where a large load is gradually applied on the palm such as when working with long wood screws.

Other features include a fully hardened chrome vanadium steel shank, a black chrome plate finish, and magnetized precision machined tips for accurate fastener fit.

These durable gel-grip handle screwdrivers are designed for professional use such as construction, electrical, air-conditioning, water works, or for general use. Also, the cross-point models are recommended when working with JIS (Japanese Industrial Standard) screws.

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tipicon_p157700 P1*75+1mm Cross-Point Tip, 75mm Shaft Length
tipicon_p2284700 P2*100+2mm Cross-Point Tip, 100mm Shaft Length
tipicon_p252700 P2*150+2mm Cross-Point Tip, 150mm Shaft Length
tipicon_p34700 P3*150+3mm Cross-Point Tip, 150mm Shaft Length
tipicon_552700 5.5*75-5.5mm Slotted Tip, 75mm Shaft Length
tipicon_687700 6*100-6mm Slotted Tip, 100mm Shaft Length
tipicon_616700 6*150-6mm Slotted Tip, 150mm Shaft Length
tipicon_864700 8*150-8mm Slotted Tip, 150mm Shaft Length