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VESSEL Round Air Nipper Body (without Lever), Size 7

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Key Features:

  • Ideal for end of arm tooling (EOAT) or automated cutting fixture stations
  • A wide selection of premium N7-type cutting and crimping blades sold separately
  • Cutting capacity up to ᴓ3mm soft plastic or ᴓ1mm steel 
  • Mounting holes on bottom of air nipper housing
  • End-cap can be rotated 180⁰ to change air inlet port location
  • Two air inlet ports for versatility
  • Optional mounting components available
  • Lightweight and tough 34mm aluminum body
  • Single-acting model with return spring
  • Weight: 150g

VESSEL’s world-class GT-NR7 round type air nipper body is versatile, durable, and reliable. Its high-precision machined parts enable smooth cutting and crimping jobs. The round air nipper body is easy to install in any orientation when using optional mounting components. It’s equipped with two air inlet ports for versatility and the end-cap can be rotated 180-degrees to change the positioning of the air inlet port.

VESSEL offers a wide selection of premium N7-series blades for various applications such as: gate-cutting plastic parts, cutting metal or wire, crimping wire onto terminal connectors, scissor cutting fibers or textiles, hole-punching, die-cutting, etc.