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VDK Heavy-Duty Knives

If you like tools, then you must get your hands on the New HERCULES Heavy-Duty Utility Knife from VESSEL!  This utility knife is an essential tool for any Electrician, Telephone Technician, or for anyone doing general cable prep work.  Perfect for cutting/stripping wire or cable, opening utility outlets in plywood and sheetrock, or for any general cutting application.

There are three different models to choose from.  The VDK-1 model is equipped with a special high-grade steel blade.  Just like a tang-thru screwdriver, an operator can hit the back of the blade with a hammer since these are designed to take the abuse that would destroy other ordinary knives. 

On the other hand, the VDK-3 has a Damascus steel blade, which consists of a sandwhich-like construction of soft steel and carbon steel together, which results in easy sharpening and excellent cutting. 

Lastly, the VDK-5 model has a neon (glow-in-the-dark) handle, which aids an Electrician since most electrical work is often performed in the dark.  Now, with the VDK-5’s neon handle, any user will know where the knife is at all times, which will help prevent accidents from occurring.

All models are equipped with a durable locking sheath as well as its own ceramic sharpening stone.

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