Powerful Ionizing Air Gun with Unique Handle Grip for Upward or Downward Cable Installation Direction

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  • Outstanding Performance: +/-10V Ion Balance
  • Versatile Cable Installation (Upward or Downward)
  • Powerful Airflow for Dust Removal
  • Fast Decay Time (Less than 1.0 Seconds)
  • Large LED Panel for Operation Status
  • Visible High Voltage Warning Alarm
  • Compact and Ultra-Lightweight
  • Safe 24VDC Low Voltage Circuit
  • Very Easy Maintenance

This revolutionary handheld ion gun is ideal for blowing away dirt or dust that adheres to part surfaces that is caused by static electricity or to remove static electricity as a preventative measure against dust accumulation.

Its uniquely designed handle has dedicated grooves in the grip which allows the wiring direction of the air hose and AC cable to be changed upward or downward according to the on-site layout. When the hose and cable are arranged in an upward position, it makes it easy to hang the G2-E from a tool balancer for a cell production table setup.

For enhanced safety, it operates on a 24VDC low voltage circuit and the piezoelectric high frequency transformer is located inside the handle. Since a high-voltage external power supply cable is not needed, there’s no need to worry about current leaks or electric shock caused by wire breakage. This compact setup saves valuable workspace and allows operators to move locations easily.

Also, this versatile unit is equipped with a large LED operating panel which is located on top of the tool making it visible to the operator during use. When the tool is turned on and operating correctly, the LED lamp lights up in blue color. If the built-in transformer detects any abnormal high voltage, it shuts down the output and the LED lamp lights up in red color to show the abnormality.

Overall, this tool is very user-friendly , has easy maintenance, and holds the CE and RoHS markings.

G2 (115V)-Kit-A includes G2 (115V) Ion Gun, downward harness, air hose, power cables, fittings, 115V power supply, and protective rubber cushion

G2 (115V)-Kit-B includes G2 (115V) Ion Gun, upward harness, air hose, power cables, fittings, 115V power supply, and protective rubber cushion 

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 NameDESCRIPTIONPrice: Quantity
g2e2G2-E (115V)Ion Gun (115V)
g2e2G2-E (220V)Ion Gun (220V)
No image set G2-E (115V)-KIT-AIon Gun KIT with Downward Air Hose (115V)
No image set G2-E (115V)-KIT-BIon Gun KIT with Upward Air Hose (115V)
g7fG-7FMicro Air Filter (0.01 µm)
g7scG-7SCSpeed Controller
g7hGN-HTungsten Electrode Needle
g7drG-7DRElectrode Needle Removal Tool
n2wnN-2WN"Silent" Wide Nozzle
bbzsnBB-ZSN"Silent" Round Nozzle
n1snN-1SNStandard Nozzle
ad24itceAD24-ITCAC Power Adapter