IPC-250CR (115V)
Compact Ion Parts Cleaner with HEPA Filter (20.3"L x 13.8"W x 13.6"H)

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IPC250CR fl E 2 features

  • Clean Blower Air with HEPA Filters
    Clean air with 99.97% of particles of 0.3μm retained by the filter. (Maximum: 25m/s of wind speed. 1.5m3/min of air flow) Acrylic resin plate, preventing diffusion of air in front of the product. (Removable)
  • Installation of DC Ionizer and Creation of Neutralization Area
    A space 270W x 270D x 250H(mm) is "uncharge". The ion balance can be adjusted and the needle electrode can be replaced. Warning lamp for high lotage error.
  • Air Blow Speed Can Be Adjusted
    The amplitude of the wind speed is displayed by a 12-stage LED indicator. This is also a guide for replacing the HEPA filter. Minimizing this will produce a nearly wind-free state, so it can be used for powder work that is not likely to splash.
  • LED Illumination
    Lightens your work brightly with LED lamps that can also be used as operating lamps.
  • Put the Product On The Wall Surface
    No protrusions or power terminals installed on the back of the device. You can use the workbench space effectively
  • Air Circulation Typer, With No Exhausted Air
    The air vacuumed up from the pre-filter at the back of the booth passes through the inside blower and is filtered by the HEPA filter, then is blown back from the top of the booth.



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ipc_250crhfIPC-250CRHFHEPA Filter
sdj_05rhSDJ-05RHElectrode Needle
ad24_150_pd4AD24-150-PD4Power Supply (DC24V/0.75A)