Super Slim Ionizing Nozzle (ONLY 4.3”L x 1.1”W x 1.1”H)

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Key Features:

  • Piezoelectric high-frequency AC-type corona discharge
  • Very accurate ion balance (within ± 10V)
  • Quick decay time (less than 1.0 second)
  • Super slim and lightweight design
  • Visible LED operating status display
  • Daisy-chain multiple units together
  • Screw-type nozzle for easy maintenance
  • Safe 24VDC low voltage circuit
  • High voltage alarm
  • External signal outputs
  • Simple and easy mounting

VESSEL’s N-1 Super Slim Nozzle-Type ionizer uses compressed air (or nitrogen) to quickly eliminate static electricity and to remove any contaminant particles from a part surface. It’s equipped with an ultra slim body with mounting holes for easy installation on machinery, end of arm tooling, bottling/filling lines, part feeders, hoppers, and in other space restricted areas. The user-friendly LED operating status display glows blue while in normal operation and turns red after N-1 shuts off due to abnormal operating conditions.


  N-1 in hand

Normal Operation

High Voltage Detected

 Connect Multiple N-1's

 to the Same Power Source
Connect Multiple N-1 Ionizers to the Same Power Source


N-1 Ionizer, Standard Nozzle, User's Manual


Ion Balance ± 10V, ± 1000V→100V; Discharge time: < 0.7 seconds at 6 " using 43.5psi

CE Approved, RoHS

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 NameDESCRIPTIONPrice: Quantity
n_18N-1Super Slim Ionizing Nozzle (No Power Supply)
n_1N-1(115V)Super Slim Ionizing Nozzle (with 115V Power Supply)
g_7fG-7FMicrofilter (0.01um)
g_7scG-7SCSpeed Controller
gn_hGN-HTungsten Electrode Needle
g_7drG-7DRElectrode Needle Removal Tool
n_2wnN-2WNWide Silent Nozzle
bb_zsnBB-ZSNRound Silent Nozzle
n_2tnN-2TNTube Fitting Nozzle
n_2c6bN-2C6BFlexible 9.9" Shower Tube
n_1snN-1SNStandard Nozzle
ad24_it6AD24-IT115V Power Supply (DC24V/0.75A)