210ST Series
Tether Ready 5" Shank Ball Grip Screwdrivers (JIS)

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210ST Series Ball Grip Screwdrivers

The 210ST Series tether-ready ball-grip screwdriver can easily be attached to a lanyard for safety in order to prevent the tool from dropping while doing industrial maintenance or field service work. Also, the free-turning sleeve mechanism allows the operator to remove the tethered screwdriver from the tool pouch smoothly for better control.  These screwdrivers can be used with VESSEL’s optional SC-90 lanyard (slim anti-drop cord), which is made from a durable elastic material and expands up to 4.9 feet.

Also, the driver is designed with a 5-inch shank length in order to give the extra distance needed for fastening screws further back in the work area such in panelboards (distribution boards, breaker panels, electric panels).

Other features include a cushion grip that is color-coded for easy tip identification, a fully hardened chrome vanadium steel shank, and magnetized high-precision black point tips.

In addition, the 210ST Series tether-ready “ball-grip” handle may not look like a conventional style screwdriver but there are many advantages to the palm-grip design. For instance, when gripping the ball-shape handle, an operator can apply their body weight behind each turn for excellent leverage while fastening which results in higher torque output. Also, the built-in cushion finger knurl allows for quick turning and fine tuning of small fasteners.

These screwdrivers are suitable for professional use such as electrical, industrial maintenance, and field service work.  Also, the cross-point models are recommended when working with JIS (Japanese Industrial Standard) screws.

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tipicon_p243210ST P2*125+2mm Cross-Point Tip,125mm Shaft Length
tipicon_6785210ST 6*125-6mm Slotted Tip, 125mm Shaft Length