6200 Series
6200 Series
Stubby Crystaline Screwdrivers (JIS)

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Crystaline Series Screwdrivers

The Crystaline screwdrivers feature an extruded warp-resistant, hexagonal cross section grip. By combining clear resin with colored resin we have created a colorful grip with a crystal sparkle. Cellulose acetate resin, used in many plastic screwdrivers, is an ecologically friendly plant-based polyester resin. These screwdrivers are best suited for metal/machine screw applications such as automotive maintenance, office equipment repair, electronic assembly, or for general use. Also, the cross-point tip models are recommended when working with JIS (Japanese Industrial Standard) screws.

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tipicon_p16200 P1x38+1 Cross-Point Tip, 38mm Shaft Length
tipicon_p26200 P2x38+2 Cross-Point Tip, 38mm Shaft Length
tipicon_66200 6x38-6mm Slotted Tip, 38mm Shaft Length