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1/4" (6.35mm) Non-Slip Ratchet

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Retail price $47.99


Non-Slip Handle Ratchet

The WOOD-COMPO non-slip grip handle features an advanced non-slip handle for maximum torque output in wet or oily/greasy conditions.

The innovative non-slip handle is molded from a “wood resin” material that contains a combination of 70% wood and 30% plastic. The “wood-compo” rough surface creates a non-slipping effect when hands are greasy or wet.

Other features include fully hardened chrome vanadium steel for durability, and a precision machined 72-tooth gear mechanism which requires very little wrist movement to engage.

These durable non-slip grip handles are ideal for tightening and removing fasteners where grease and/or oil is present such as automotive repair and maintenance, farm equipment, industrial machinery, ironwork, boat maintenance, or for general applications. 

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