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VESSEL Double Acting Air Scissor Blade, Size 10

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Round Double-Action Scissor
Round Double-Action Scissor
Square Double-Action Scissor
Square Double-Action Scissor

The HW10J double-acting air scissor blade works with GT-HWR10 round type and GT-HWS10 square type air nippers. This springless design offers low maintenance and is suitable for 24-hour operations.

  • Designed for cutting plastic gates on injection molded parts
  • Forged out of the finest Japanese steel for durability and reliability
  • Ultra-sharp cutting edges provide a precise clean-cut finish
  • Equipped with factory set built-in stops in the legs of blade
  • Custom blades available (contact JDV for details)

JDV requires samples of the material for test cutting purposes to ensure the scissor blade is suitable for the application. If no samples are submitted, there are no guarantees that the scissor blade will work, and it’s possible the blade may get damaged.
JDV cannot be held responsible for damage caused by any misuse of items.

The capacity in the specifications table is given for reference only, when mounting a standard type of blade. The capacity depends on the blade shape and the material of the object to cut. Capacity (ᴓ) is for reference purposes only as it varies depending on products.

Air hose inner diameter is 5mm and the overall length and weight does not include accessories.

Blade Function
Cut Textile/Fabric
Blade Opening Tip to Tip (mm)
Blade Cutting Edge Length (mm)
Blade Material
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