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Professional High-Speed Reciprocating Air Saw, Compact and Lightweight, 5000 SPM, 1/4”NPT, Restart Button

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VESSEL’s GT-AS10 professional reciprocating air saw is lightweight and is equipped with a compact body designed for using in limited work space. On the back of the unit, there is a convenient “restart button” for easy recovery in case the tool stalls or stops unexpectedly.

Also, this unit comes with heavy duty bi-metal Cobalt air saw blades (#ASB-32H and #ASB-24H) for cutting materials such as plain and stainless steel, aluminum, soft steel, and plastic. The air saw blades (or optional air scraper and file blades) can easily and quickly be removed by using the included 3mm hex key wrench.

Other features include a steel blade guard, a safety-lock throttle lever, and a rear exhaust with silencer.

Ideal for many cutting applications including: construction and repair of automobiles (to cut metal frame work, plastic bumpers, body panels), marine/boat applications (to cut fiberglass-reinforced plastics), or for general cutting of aluminum, thin sheet metal, wood, etc.

• Cutting Capacity: Steel -- 0.16” (4.0mm)
• Strokes per Minute: up to 5,000
• Stroke: 0.40” (10mm)
• Working Air Pressure: 87 PSI (0.6MPa)
• Overall Length: 7.7” (195.5mm)
• Weight: 1.92 lbs (870g)
• Air Consumption: 0.28 m3/min
• Air Connection: 1/4” NPT
• Includes 2 Bi-Material Cobalt Saw Blades: #ASB-32H (32-Teeth) and #ASB-24H (24-Teeth)

Items Included:
2pcs Saw Blades (#ASB-32H and #ASB-24H), Air Coupling (#BPB-2), L-Wrench (H3mm), User’s Manual


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GT-AS10 4mm 0.6 5000 0.28 10 Rc 1/4 195.5 570